When a project moves from one status level to another in TransparentChoice (usually managed via the Kanban - click here to learn more), the software can automatically send out an e-mail to;

  • Update someone about the project status
  • Request information via a form

This means that you can automate much of the administrative work involved in collecting data about projects prior to project selection.

BEFORE you set up notifications, you will need to;

  • Define the status levels (or buckets) in your Kanban
  • Set up forms (if you want people to fill in data)

You can learn how to do both things here. 

You can find the notifications set-up option from either the Project Dashboard (Manage project requests -> Notifications) or from within the Kanban (More -> Notifications).

This will open up a window that lists all your existing notifications. If you have a lot of notifications, you can use the Search box to find a notification you want to edit (simply click on the notification to open it up and edit).

If you want to create a new notification, simply click on the "Create notification" button and fill in the form to create your new notification.