Our Project Prioritization Micro-App* is designed to make you more productive. You’ll be able to manage the entire project prioritization process effectively.

More importantly, You can see the ‘value’ every project brings to the portfolio and that means getting a strong buy-in from your stakeholders.

Note: *Although micro-apps come with limitations, you can still reap the benefits. 

Project Prioritization Decision Dashboard

When you click on your project prioritization micro-app from the workspace dashboard, you will see the project prioritization decision dashboard.

Pane 1:  You can add and view all the projects here. 

Pane 2: Allows you to add prioritization criteria and then you can compare and evaluate projects.

Pane 3: The software automatically prioritizes projects based on your criteria and evaluation and  you can see the results instantly. 

Note: You can download the results in xls format and share it with your stakeholders. Sign-up to our Basic version here.

Pane 4: 

This is a checklist to make sure you’ve done the process correctly.

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Tip: Dramatically increase the number and quality of projects you can deliver with no increase in resource.

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