Sometimes TransparentChoice will give you a message saying you have "Missing judgements". This is associated with the versions of the software up until the March 2016 release. 

This means exactly what it says. You don't have enough judgements to calculate results. This means that you haven't answered all the questions to give you criterion weights. To solve this problem, go back to your review group (or to the individual's survey, if you're trying to display results for an individual) and complete all the questions on criteria weights. 

NOTE: If you only partially answer questions about your alternatives, the scores for alternatives will be calculated based on the data entered. Missing entries will be counted as "zero" when calculating scores for the different alternatives.

To navigate to your review group, first go to the "Collect input" screen, then click on "Build Consensus..."

Click on the name of the review group for which you are trying to see results. The survey for that review group will open.

When you have answered enough questions for TransparentChoice to calculate results, the Missing judgements button will disappear. 

Simply navigate back to the results screen and you should be able to see results.